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Are Your Students Future Ready?

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An online platform for
teaching and learning with

future ready competencies in mind

  • Research-based design by higher education scholars
  • Validated instruments for measuring competencies from leadership and teamwork to self-awareness
  • Cross-platform and endless customisation to suit every teaching and learning needs

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Available as an iOS, Android, and browser app.

Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

YOCLE is an online platform designed to improve the development of students' competencies, which may also be referred to as generic skills, 21st century skills, holistic competencies, transferable skills, soft skills, employability skills, or future readiness.


The platform employs evidence-based and well-researched theories, and integrates validated instruments to provide measurements, evidence, and impact in competencies.


YOCLE offers a variety of authentic assessment approaches, rubrics and personalised feedback by different sources, allowing students to reflect, making it an ideal tool for documenting out-of-class, extra-curricular, and experiential learning experiences.

With YOCLE, students are more aware, responsible, and encouraged to develop their future ready competencies. Direct and indirect evidence of student learning can be collected and presented with ease.



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Assessment & Feedback

Feedback, reflection and assessment can be given and conducted any time before, during and after the activity. 


Stay connected with peers, teachers or coordinators via the What's Up and Message functions.


Create and record courses/activities for teachers, teaching assistants and external activity coordinators. 


Allow users and their teachers to measure competencies and keep track of their competency development.

What YOCLE offers


Student at ABC University


Plethora of Built-in Assessment Methods

Multiple assessment methods can be added

to a single activity or course, and different learning

outcomes can be set and aligned with different

assessment methods.

YOCLE provides many rubrics templates for different competencies and allow endless customisation.

Marks, student answers, teacher gradings and feedback can be exported as a spreadsheet for integration with other systems.

Effortless feedback with multiple options

Provide prompt & personalised feedback effortlessly in a wide range of modes and formats.

Embed and Align with 
Competencies Learning Outcomes

Direct evidence of student development in  

competencies are captured through performance

against the intended learning outcomes.

With YOCLE, teachers can demonstrate quality assurance and value added by the activity, as well as how and to what extent the participants have learned.

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Introducing YOCLE

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What our users have said about YOCLE.

"I’ve been using this for almost one year with very good results from the students."

“A very user friendly platform to create activities and provide prompt feedback.”

"We have achieved fruitful results after using YOCLE to keep track of students' generic skills development.”

Dr. Matthias Buehlmaier

The University of Hong Kong

Dr. Cecilia Chan

The University of Hong Kong

Dr. Amporn

Chulalongkorn University


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